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Serving Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside,
San Bernardino Counties and Catalina Island.

Your aquarium maintenance provider the greatest pleasure when it is fresh, clean and

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Importance of Maintenance

Commercial and Residential aquariums and ponds require professional maintenance since it directly affects the health of the inhabitants and beauty of the display.


Our Maintenance Services

  • We maintain aquariums that range from 60 gallons to 1000 gallons.
  • We manage fresh water, salt water, reef tanks, Koi ponds, and lakes.
  • And we maintain lobster tanks and decorative water fountains.

Our service is organized to best accommodate your feature, your schedule,

and your budget.

Other Services


Cleaning of exterior and interior aquarium surfaces.
Rake and syphon debris from gravel bottom.
Change chemical filtration media.
Overflow filtration pads cleaned.
Empty Protein Skimmer collection cup.
Clean covers and light fixtures of algae and salt deposits.
Remove and clean decorative corals, rocks, plastic plants and ornaments.
Check the inventory of food.
Check color, smell and temperature of water.
Top off water.
Visual check of equipment, air and water flow.
Visual check of fish for head-count, disease, swimming and breathing rates.


Detail cleaning of interior
Cleaning of backwash filter
Rake the bottom floor
Partial water change

Emergency service always available 24/7.

Complimentary consultations for the design of a new aquarium or upgraded system.

Our expert installations are competitively priced.


Leading Aquarium Maintenance Provider for Los Angeles, Orange, Palm Springs, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino Counties, Catalina Island, San Diego and Las Vegas, Nevada. International & Other US States serviced when expert help is needed.

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